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So who is this guy?

Ricky Cheung was born and raised right here in New York all his life, he's a young guy that wanted to get out of the city and travel the world, eventually settling some place outside of New York, perhaps upstate where he went to school, nah maybe more like somewhere in Europe. Well, it didn't happen, at least not yet.

The Artist within … or Not

There was always an artist inside of Ricky ever since he was young. He would spend countless hours learning to draw and work with colors but sadly that never worked out for him. Growing up in a Chinese family is not easy, especially when it came to education and learning. Like a lot of families you're told to become a doctor or a lawyer and make lots of $$$. In a Chinese family if you weren't one of those mentioned earlier you were no one, seriously. Trying to be an artist, LOL, forget about it. Photography on the other hand has grown throughout his life, first as a passion and now a profession. Being an artist doesn't necessarily mean you had to paint or draw, being an artist means you have a vision that you want to share. Ricky has a vision he wants to share and it requires him to push a button. Yea, what a life! "At least I get to travel doing it. It's pretty sweet. :) "

Cutting to the chase

Ricky Cheung loves shooting weddings! He enjoys every second of it, from the beginning when he wakes up in the morning, pours his Lucky Charms into his Kellogg's cereal bowl to the dawned brisk cold air from the opened fridge door for retrieval of the gallon sized fat free milk bought from BJ's. "Whaaat?, BJ's?" Shoot, wrong story, what I meant was from the moment you transform from a beautiful woman to a beautiful bride to the tearing joy of mom watching you dance with dad on the big night. Ricky captures it exactly like that. You've spent months if not years planning your wedding; you picked the perfect colors, the perfect flowers, the perfect location and setting, the perfect cake, the perfect dress and now you're going to pick Ricky Cheung to be your wedding photographer. "NICE!”. On a serious note, Ricky captures your most cherished memories using a photojournalist approach. There is something about being able to tell someone's story through a camera that gives him the goose bumps. "Bring on the adrenaline baby" He likes to stay on the sidelines and capture everything as it unfolds in a unique artistic style.

What to expect?

With all said and done, on your wedding day you'll get someone that's friendly, fun and excited to shoot your wedding from start to finish. He's a cool laid back and relaxed guy that will offer an amazing experience. You spent so much time and energy into your wedding; he'll be there to make it into a stress free, if not, a super exciting wedding day experience of a life-time, along with beautiful storytelling images to boot. Did I forget to mention that he is also an Award Winning Wedding Photographer.

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